SSL Certs!!!

A while back I read that Google was going to include SSL certificate status for a website in its ranking criteria. So I started taking an interest in making sure websites are setup as HTTPS if the customer has chosen to use a cert. I then found out that you can now get certs for free! I was even happier to find out that my web host not only uses a free certs source, but sets them up automatically whether I choose to use them or not! This was an awesome thing to find out about my current web host Every time I turn around they are doing something better than all my previous hosts combined.

That is why this domain is now an HTTPS domain. It was free to get the cert and free to set it up. Kinda nice to find this kind of service is now accessible to the masses for little to no cost.

Back doing Freelance coding again…

For a while I was able to keep busy starting a company.  I designed a robotic system for controlling a 200lb floor crawler for scanning petroleum tanks.  Now that the company is moving forward I have more time to do some freelance work.  I am excited as I get to play with newer architectures, languages, etc.

It will be fun to build new things for other peoples’ dreams and make some extra cash along the way.  In the last five years we have worked with other companies to build prototypes.  I also got a chance myself to write code for some exciting projects.  It is always neat to get a peek into other peoples’ worlds and challenges.  Even better when you can help someone succeed.

To all my perspective employers:

Lets get messy and build some great shtuff!